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Sawdust Capital, LLC, is a Private Equity Firm focused on Healthcare and “Complementary Asset Related Investments.™”  


Our Vision

“The practice and operations of Healthcare is siloed; however, the growth of healthcare assets should not be.  My goal is to bring healthcare ancillaries and assets together to work with each other, to not only increase and optimize performance, but to bring investors and partners together for mutually beneficial returns.  “Complementary Investing™” reflects this approach, and is coined by Sawdust Capital, LLC.”  

The Board of Directors

Our Approach

Sawdust Capital, LLC, is a Private Equity Firm focused on investing in healthcare operations with identifiable growth opportunities.  The philosophy of the firm is defined as “Complementary Investing.™”  

Sawdust Capital, LLC, and its portfolio of companies manage over one hundred employees, both in the U.S. and Overseas.  Additionally, the firm relies on a legal team, an accounting firm, scientists, and a research department to assist in its transactions, guidance, transparency, and compliance.  

Our Portfolio


*Projected Acquisitions (as of 2022)

$150 M*

*Projected Portfolio Value (2022)

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